Random Acts of Kindness

There was a time, when I was in third year at university, that my friendships had gone a bit wrong. I was lonely, confused, frightened and very, very sad. There was a boy in my year, who I didn’t know particularly know, but knew well enough to have a conversation with. As I sat, crying, in front of a computer, he sat down next to me and showed me photos from his summer travelling. I have never forgotten and I have rarely been so grateful, or thought someone so kind.

Somebody once (actually, more than one person, and more than once) sent me a package in the post because they knew I was having a rough time.

In hospital, a healthcare assistant brought me a calendar because my addled brain decided I needed one.

Somebody wonderful listened to me talk about fish sauce for a very long time for no particular reason when I was poorly.

When I moved out of home too, too early, not only did the Samaritans volunteer tell me it was all going to be OK, but she listened to me cry, and then I felt a little less alone.

The person who knew what it was like to be terrified of having a drink of water and used to talk me through my drink each and every night for that whole summer.

On Saturday, my Mum offered to walk ten minutes in the opposite direction to bring home Pick-and-Mix because I said I fancied it.

To the person I didn’t know in third year; the posters of cheery packages; my fish sauce friend; the Healthcare Assistant with the calendar; the Samaritans lady; ten thirty drinks boy and to my Mum:

Thank you

Although these acts are small, they are some of the times in my life when I’ve felt most loved and appreciated. Making someone feel special because you can; because you want to; because you know they need it, is honestly one of the most amazing ways you can use your life. It makes you a truly special, wonderful, lovely, kind person.

There are two things I would like to say to conclude this post:

  1. What are the random acts of kindness that have stuck in your head? I would really, really like to hear about them because they make my heart feel warm and squishy. Comments on the blog post or the Facebook post truly, truly welcomed.
  2. I promise, from here forward, to try my best to commit as many acts of random kindness as I can.

That is all.


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