About the Food

The current trend is for everyone to say that anorexia isn’t ‘about the food’. That’s what people say when they’re trying to sound knowledgeable and as though they have an insider perspective on what’s going on inside your head. Personally – and you have every right to disagree with me – I think that it’s […]

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A Post About my Weight

I have been weighed every week (at least once; sometimes twice) since December 2012. That’s approximately four hundred and seventy six times. Today – September 19th 2017 – I was weighed for the last time. I promised, when I started this blog, that it was going to be about neither weight nor me. You’re going […]

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Summer, Scars and Stretch-marks

I’m wearing shorts today. Actually, I’ve been wearing my pyjamas for about 90% of the day, apart from when I put a dress on because it’s Fathers’ Day and I’m not completely lazy but they are pyjamas with shorts. And they are pretty. And they are comfortable. I don’t like heat because it makes me […]

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Described to an alien (who shares our values system) point by point, my life now is so much better than it was before. I’ve just returned from the best holiday I’ve ever been on with my boyfriend; I love my friends to bits and I’m surrounded by supportive people; I’m  entering the first winter where I’m not absolutely […]

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