For the love of Thiamine


16th October, 2015

Dear Producers of Tyvera Thiamine,

I am writing to say thankyou for making Thiamine such a wonderful tasting experience.

I have been an inpatient on an Eating Disorders Unit for nineteen weeks, and have found that sucking Thiamine tablets is the highlight of my day. Luckily, I am prescribed two doses per day, and therefore I am allowed to experience the Marmite-y flavour after breakfast and again after tea. Staff do not mind that I choose to suck my Thiamine, although I am known as ‘Team Thiamine’ on the ward.

What prompted me to write this letter – other than my fellow patients laughing at me and saying, ‘If you love it so much, you should write to them’ – was that the hospital ran out of 100mg tablets this week, and the nurses dispensed us two 50mg tablets at a time. I therefore made my Thiamine dose last for double the length of time; I believe it was about ten minutes when I’d perfected the art of letting the tablet dissolve on my tongue.

I just wanted to say thankyou, I guess, for producing a tablet which is so much nicer than – for example – Fluoxetine or Forceval. It brightens my day immeasurably.

Yours, gratefully


P.S. This is not a joke. I wish it were, but I just love Thiamine. Ask the unit.


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