Whoever said that courage is a little voice that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’ is wrong. Procrastination is a little voice that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’. An eating disorder is a sneaky little voice that tells you to ‘try again tomorrow’ because today isn’t the right time. It is easy, I can tell you […]

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Summer, Scars and Stretch-marks

I’m wearing shorts today. Actually, I’ve been wearing my pyjamas for about 90% of the day, apart from when I put a dress on because it’s Fathers’ Day and I’m not completely lazy but they are pyjamas with shorts. And they are pretty. And they are comfortable. I don’t like heat because it makes me […]

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It’s Freshers’ Week. For most students-to-be, this means a week/fortnight/three years of getting drunk on whatever is cheapest from the shop which sells only cut-price watermelons and a version of Malibu called Caribbean Breeze. Let me tell you a story. I first started university in 2010. I didn’t know how to choose a university because […]

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