I think I’ve cracked happiness. Well, I mean, I’ve not cracked it in a recipe type way because then I’d be either constantly elated or very rich (or both), but I think I’m a bit closer to understanding one of the basic principles. I think I finally understand where I’ve been going wrong. When you […]


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What is “Recovery”?

This is a topic I keep returning to. It’s something that I think about in bed; in the shower; whilst I’m at work, and also something that my therapist asks me every time I see her. What do I want to achieve? What are my goals? This is scary for two reasons. Reason Number One is that I honestly […]

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Anorexia is not a life choice. Recovery is. That’s the best thing about it – you can choose it. And if you forget to choose recovery one day, you can still choose recovery again the next. Also, it’s amazing. I’m not saying, of course, that it’s always fantastic and wonderful and skipping through the daises […]

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It’s Freshers’ Week. For most students-to-be, this means a week/fortnight/three years of getting drunk on whatever is cheapest from the shop which sells only cut-price watermelons and a version of Malibu called Caribbean Breeze. Let me tell you a story. I first started university in 2010. I didn’t know how to choose a university because […]

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