July 1st

I haven’t got much to say today apart from that it’s four years since I made the choice to start eating again. To sit in the Dining Room on a blistering hot day and to finish the food in front of me. To recover. It wasn’t perfect and it’s not perfect. It’s not always even […]


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Courage Part Two

The problem with courage is that you can’t see it. It doesn’t make itself obvious, apart from when it involves saving lives or jumping out of aeroplanes. Courage, however, is a quiet quality. Strength in the face of adversity cannot be measured, and it is not often presented in a way which is easily visible […]

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Whoever said that courage is a little voice that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’ is wrong. Procrastination is a little voice that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’. An eating disorder is a sneaky little voice that tells you to ‘try again tomorrow’ because today isn’t the right time. It is easy, I can tell you […]

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