Happy Unvomiversary to MEEEEEE

Hello If you don’t like bodily fluids, please don’t click away now, for it is a whole year (A WHOLE YEAR. A. WHOLE. YEAR.) since I last ate something and then purged it and therefore I am a safe and dormant zone, not at risk of self-induced explosion. This is the most wonderful thing that […]


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Time to give up?

It’s tempting, sometimes, to ask when it’s time to give up; stop fighting; allow mental illness to win the battle it’s been waging since it reared its ugly, and completely uninvited head.  On bad days (or, actually, for parts of every day), the answer seems to be that it’s probably about the time to give […]

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Described to an alien (who shares our values system) point by point, my life now is so much better than it was before. I’ve just returned from the best holiday I’ve ever been on with my boyfriend; I love my friends to bits and I’m surrounded by supportive people; I’m  entering the first winter where I’m not absolutely […]

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My Big Mouth

When I was inpatient, it was a running joke that new admissions would always have had ‘the worst anorexia in the world ever’, a claim backed up with evidence – usually blood-test related – from a medical professional: “My consultant had never met anyone as anaemic as me.”; “I had the lowest temperature of anyone ever […]

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Winning at the Gainz

So, you’ve reached Transition (or, for the rest of the world, that wonderful, incredible patch between 17.5 and 20, also known as ‘no man’s land’). Congratulations and so on and so forth, but also I am completely feeling the mixed emotions thing. I’m going to be really annoying and say that you should love your […]

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Instagood idea?

To say I was shocked, dear bleaders, when recent media coverage of the Instagram ‘recovery community’ raved about its vair marveyness is a definite understatement wrapped in a vest. For the – luckily – uninitiated, the self-titled ‘recovery community’ is a group of, mainly young, people living with anorexia who post photos of their diet (also […]

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