Why I Like my Sausages Porky

I want you to know that it’s OK to eat meat. I am in no way, shape or form against vegetarianism or veganism: they are both life choices which I respect but do not choose to make. I have best friends who are both vegan and vegetarian. I also have best friends who eat meat. What […]

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My Big Mouth

When I was inpatient, it was a running joke that new admissions would always have had ‘the worst anorexia in the world ever’, a claim backed up with evidence – usually blood-test related – from a medical professional: “My consultant had never met anyone as anaemic as me.”; “I had the lowest temperature of anyone ever […]

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Instagood idea?

To say I was shocked, dear bleaders, when recent media coverage of the Instagram ‘recovery community’ raved about its vair marveyness is a definite understatement wrapped in a vest. For the – luckily – uninitiated, the self-titled ‘recovery community’ is a group of, mainly young, people living with anorexia who post photos of their diet (also […]

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