In the early days, my memories of Jane are limited to her being on all fours, peering at me from the edge of my bed. I am under my bed because it is drink time and I do not under any circumstances do drinks. Jane is on all fours, holding a plastic cup of water with a straw. […]

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I think most people would agree that, in many ways, rules are entirely unhelpful in recovering from Anorexia, the wider canon of eating disorders and many mental health conditions. It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to replace one set of ill-advised, damaging rules with any others. For someone who has spent years, or even decades, living inside […]

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My Lowest Weight in kg and stone

Sharing my lowest weight is something I have been thinking about for quite some time. This is the stigma surrounding mental health. Sometimes someone writes something in a newspaper; says something in an interview or posts something on Facebook which isn’t true. As much as it saddens and angers me, I am sure that there […]

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