Reasons Why I Hate the Daily Mail (probably Part I)

I have ‘iffed’ and ‘butted’ about writing this, but it makes me so angry. And what do you do when you’re angry in the twenty-first century?

Why, you write a blog post of course.

I was scrolling through the Daily Mail because I have a dangerous addiction to reading absolute rubbish when I came across this article.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand the need for ‘healthy’ eating. I understand that some people struggle to follow a healthy diet. I understand that I’m in the minority in that thinking about eating healthily means a very different thing to most other people. However, what I do not understand is why anybody

anybody at all

should need to give a ‘healthy hamper’ at Christmas.

What we should be teaching people is that it’s OK to eat a range of food. Food is not ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’. You can eat whatever you want as long as you know when to stop and you make sure that part of what you’re eating is plenty of fruit and vegetables, but that doesn’t mean that we’re confined to eating what is defined as ‘healthy’ by the media.

Why would anybody turn to the media for diet advice? The same newspaper that tells us that Bella Hadid has been out in New York and that Dr Alex has playfully peeled an onion. The same newspaper that mocks celebrities for both weight gain and weight loss. Why would anybody read their diet advice and think it a good idea to follow?

What I want you to know is that you don’t have to be the media’s definition of ‘healthy’. You don’t have to eat a mixture of alfalfa sprouts and quinoa with a vegan peanut sauce to be healthy. You don’t have to give up gluten to be healthy (unless you have an actual diagnosed problem with gluten: then it’s a medical thing, not a choice). You don’t even have to swap your brown rice for white rice to be healthy.

To be healthy, you first have to be happy. Healthiness is about eating until you’re full; being warm in the winter; spending time with people you love; having clean, shiny hair; wearing a jumper that is really comfy; buying yourself new pyjamas because it’s Christmas.

It isn’t ever, ever, ever about eating food from a wholewheat hamper, or allowing yourself a goji berry and yak yoghurt as a ‘treat’.

It is most certainly never about ‘avoiding sneaky sugar’. That is perhaps one of the most utterly damaging, stupid, idiotic, ridiculous things I have ever heard. Sugar will not hurt you. Sugar tastes nice. If you enjoy eating sugary foods, eat them.

So, Daily Mail, do us all a favour and stop peddling your ‘advice’. It’s wrong and it’s dangerous. The very idea that people have to give

And, for the rest of you, if you want to buy someone a hamper that’s filled with comestibles people actually want to eat this Christmas, please do it. Please focus on making people smile with your Christmas presents, rather than thinking about the state of their bowels in twenty years time. Please enjoy your life, because you only get one.

If you are lucky enough to receive a Christmas hamper that is a proper, bursting-at-the-gills-with-yum Christmas hamper, do not worry about whether it is ‘healthy’ or not (because that’s not a thing); instead, enjoy it. Enjoy it with people you love and enjoy it with the knowledge that it’s OK to spend your Christmas (or any time of the year) making yourself happy.

Love yourself and enjoy your life; the Daily Mail hasn’t got a bloody clue. The best hamper for your loved ones is one which is given with love and enjoyed with others.

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