Sometimes there aren’t many things to say, and this time is one of them.

However, there is one thing.

Lots of people – and this isn’t a criticism – post on Facebook and Twitter and the other relevant social media platforms at the end of the year about things that they are going to ‘leave’ in a certain year.

And, whilst it’s OK to forget about things at the turn of the year, it’s also more than OK to take things with you.

My Grandad died in 2012, and I have taken much of him forward through each year right up until now, and I imagine I will take him forward with me as long as I live.

He is there in the things that I say, and the person who I am, because he was wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) and he had a huge impact on me.

And that’s OK.

If you have lost someone this year, it’s OK to take them with you. Just because the number changes doesn’t mean that you’ve left them behind. They are still with you and you are still with them. I am a firm believer that, even when people are long gone, they make an impression on us and a small part of them remains inside us, making part of who we are.

Just because the number of the year changes doesn’t mean you have to leave someone behind.

They can be in your soul forever.

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