On Vile People

For the first time ever, on Monday, I admitted that I might be a nice person.

If you are one of the bullies who made me believe that I couldn’t possibly be normal or nice, or a good person, you are lucky that I no longer care about you.

It is two years to the day since I started to eat properly again, and over five years since I started therapy. It has taken that long to remove your putrid thoughts from my brain, but it’s happened.

Which means I’ve officially beaten you.

I’ve won.

And I hope you feel guilty, because you nearly ruined a life.

But not quite.

I can get better, but you can never change what you did. And what you did was beyond disgusting. I also think it’s pretty awful that I’ve talked about this more than once on here and none of you have got the decency to apologise. Says a lot.

Because – I repeat – I’ve won.


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