What’s a Day on an Eating Disorders Ward like?

The Long Answer:

Monday 21st September

Woke up at the proper time this morning (6.13 am), had my shower and then went back to sleep until breakfast.  I had toast with apricot jam, weetabix and orange juice.

Then I read for a bit before Day Programme, where I peeled dried PVA glue off my hands and I did some more work on Langley: The Boardgame with Rob and the others. It rained, so Group Walk was cancelled.

Lunch was pasta bolognese with italian mixed vegetables because there was no lasagne and then ‘chocolate trifle’. We had a Warren Meeting because someone didn’t come into lunch.  Then we did Guided Relaxation with Lisa, and Jane talked to me about maybe going to Tesco with a member of staff.

Tea was a chicken mayonnaise sandwich, an apple, a strawberry Muller corner and a chocolate Alpen bar.

Then I slept for about an hour before supper, which was Horlicks and oaties.

After, we played Cards Against Humanity and watched the TV.

Weigh in tomorrow. Yay.


The Short Answer: 


Also nothing like Girl, Interrupted

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